Haagen-Dazs現金券 $50
售價: $47.5 (%)
Terms and conditions
· Redeemed at Hong Kong Haagen-Dazs shops.
· Cannot be redeemed for cash or gift voucher.
· Good for one shop visit only, remaining balance cannot be carried forward.
· This voucher is not valid if found damaged, altered or expired.
· Not valid for purchasing cash vouchers, wedding vouchers and any other vouchers. Besides, not valid for Mooncake, Fondue, all festive & promotional items.
· Only valid for regular priced items.
· Cannot be used in conjunction with Star Club Card, VIP Club card, Privilege Card, Membership Card or other promotional offers.
· The VIP Club bonus point gift program is not valid for any voucher payment. (Remaning balance cannot be counted in VIP Club bonus point gift program).
· Valid only with authorization stamp, originals only.
· This voucher must be returned upon the redemption.
· General Mills Hong Kong Limited bears no responsibility and no compensation for loss and expiry of this voucher.
· No gift voucher may be used for any trade or promotional purposes without specific written authorization by General Mills Hong Kong Limited.
· In case of any dispute, the decision of General Mills Hong Kong Limited is final.


· 有效於香港 Haagen Dazs分店。
· 不能兌換現金或現金券。
· 每次只適用於一間分店,餘數不可結存或兌換現金。
· 此券如損毀、塗改或過期即作廢無效。
· 此券不適用於購買現金券、結婚禮券及任何禮券。並不適用於購買月餅、火鍋 及所有節日性或推廣產品。
· 此券只適用於購買正價貨品。
· 不可與Star Club卡、VIP Club卡、Privilege卡、會員卡或其他推廣優惠一併使用。
· VIP Club禮品積分計劃不適用於以禮券付款之交易(餘額亦不計算在內)。
· 此券需有授權印鑑方為有效,影印本無效。
· 此券需於使用時被收回。
· 如此券遺失或過期,General Mills Hong Kong Limited恕不負責及恕不補發。
· 如用作商業推廣用途,必須得General Mills Hong Kong Limited書面同意。
· 如有任何爭議,General Mills Hong Kong Limited擁有最終決議權。
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